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Why Clapham is unlike anywhere else.

You know you’re in Clapham the minute you step off at Clapham North Station. The old-world charm is undeniable, passing by the on-tap picturehouse and the cozy wood fires of the street corner bar. But make no mistake, there’s nothing old about it.

Landmarks and getting around

From Clapham North Station, the city is now even more accessible. Be at St. Pancras International in under 30 minutes. Catch a tube every 3 minutes. Access neighbourhood hotspots in a few steps, and city sites in a few more. 

The Landor:

0,5 miles | 7 mins. [walk] | 2 mins. [bike]

Clapham Picture House, WC & Venn Street Records:

0,7 miles | 14 mins. [walk] | 4 mins. [bike]

Clapham Common:

1,2 miles | 25 mins. [walk] | 9 mins. [bike]

Clapham Junction:

2,3 miles | 41 mins. [walk] | 14 mins. [bike]

Approx travel times

From the front door of Clapham House, nearby Underground makes the city accessible in seconds.

Stockwell Station (7 min walk)


Waterloo: 7 mins

Bank: 11 mins

Oxford Circus: 10 mins

King’s Cross: 14 mins

Camden Town: 25 mins

Approx Travel TImes

Clapham North Station (3 min walk)


Waterloo: 9 mins

Bank: 12 mins

Oxford Circus: 12 mins

King’s Cross: 21 mins

Camden Town: 26 mins

Approx Travel TImes