Up your life game

The perks

Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Central courtyard and garden.
For rare moments of quiet in the city.

Personal lockers.
So that your ‘grab-and-go’ is within arm’s reach.

Virtual concierge and parcel system.
What’s a person to do on Prime Day and Black Friday?

Dual lifts.
If you’re needing to access the top-floor or the basement door.

Digital video entry system.
So you can see who’s there without having to see who’s there.

Secure bike and car park.
A safe space, whether it’s for two-wheels or four.

Charging and service areas.
Sometimes the things in our life also need to recharge their batteries.

It's all about the finish

There are plenty reasons to live under Clapham House’s roof. We’ve thought long and worked tirelessly to create a space that you can step up and step into. A place of creature comforts and tech necessities. A place where you and your worldly possessions are as safe as houses. A place designed for this because you live for this.

We make buying easier.

A secure buy scheme that gives you the opportunity to reserve your unit right now, for a small reservation fee of £500 and a deposit of 5% of the purchase price, which is refundable.